What’s a conjunction?


Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Nov. 13, 2020
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Grammar review of conjunctions

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students. There are 3 pages in tis file and 1 with the answers.

2. Tell students how important it is in giving opinions, justifying them, or disagreeing by suing the appropriate conjunctions to link ideas.

3. Distribute the worksheet and read the definition given, “A conjunction is a word that connects words or groups of words to each other.”

4. Read the handout information and explain as needed grammar term, however, remember it is not necessary for students to memorize definitions or have extra technical information on the matter.

5. Make sure students have understood the use of conjunctions, and give a couple of extra examples.

6. Distribute the second and third pages for students to complete the sentences with the appropriate conjunction.

7. Check the answers with the class.

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