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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Nov. 7, 2020
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A visual organizer for students to write information about musical instruments

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file 'brace map' and make copies for students.

2. Tell students that they are going to participate in designing and writing information in a graphic organizer about musical instruments.

3. Distribute the visual organizer and describe it for students, they are going to choose a musical instrument to write about, but first guide them through the organizer.

4. Feel free to use the documents and texts presented in the previous sessions in this unit (week 39) for this purpose.

5. You may also want to use the instruments presented in their textbook. One more idea is to choose the piano, for example, and talk about it for your students to write those keywords in the organizer.

6. Monitor and offer help as needed.

7. Encourage students to be creative and try to remember the sentences and facts they worked with along with his unit.

8. Ask students to swap their visual organizers with other students and read what they wrote about that particular instrument.

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Participa en el diseño y la escritura de información en un gráfico sobre instrumentos musicales.

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