Families of musical instruments

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A vocabulary activity for students to learn about the families of musical instruments

Sugerencia de uso

1 .Download the file and make copies for students. This is a very good booklet that you can save on your computer and use for different purposes. For this session, you need to print Worksheets 1 and 2 on pages 3 and 4.

2. Distribute Worksheet 1 and present to students the 4 families of musical instruments: string family, brass family, percussion family, and woodwind family.

3. Ask students to deduce why the names.

4. Ask students to match the instruments to their names. Then, check answers.

5. Continue now with matching the instruments to their families.

6.  As for the next 5 questions, it is recommended that you read the questions, and guide students through the activity.

7. Ask questions about those instruments once they have examples, Can you name another instrument in the string/brass family?

8. Move to Worksheet 2 where the ‘String family’ will be presented officially so distribute the worksheet.

9. Ask students to guess the names in Spanish of the listed instruments.

10. Elicit from students why this family is called ‘string’.

11. Ask students this question, Which of the following instruments are not string instruments? , and cross them out.

12. The last section can be left for homework.

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Explora monografías ilustradas de instrumentos musicales.

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