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A speaking activity about making deductions

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students. There are 8 situations to work with and they are doubled on the page so consider the total number of copies you need depending on the size of your class.

2. Cut up strips and have them ready for the session.

3. Put the strips in a box or container and ask students to draw one, read it, and think of a possible sentence to go with it using a 'must-have' 'could have' etc., explanation.

4. Ask students to mingle, find a classmate with a different problem than theirs and read the problem to him/her, and ask for a possible sentence.

5. Students then, read the sentences they wrote and compare them to the ones suggested by his/her classmate.

6. For a second round, students chose another problem or situation and read it as well to suggest what could have happened (must have, could have, etc.), and this time they mingle and find someone who has the same problem to discuss their sentences or deductions and speculations.

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Formula hipótesis para adivinar enigmas que explican sucesos pasados.

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