Past modals of deduction


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A speaking game about making deductions and speculating

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students. Every student gets a card so make the copies you need depending on the size of your class.

2. Students are each given a card from the game and asked to read their own clues. The cards are numbered and students should try to talk to as many people as possible with different cards. Once everyone has spoken to at least five people you can end the task.

3. Model the activity,

A: “A man is uncomfortable and walking slowly.”

B: “He might have hurt his leg.”

A: “He is holding his stomach.”

B: “He might have been punched.”

A: “He spent a lot of money at a restaurant.”

B: “He must have eaten a lot.”

A: “Yes, he must have had a very big lunch.”

4. Ask students to mingle, taking turns in reading their clues to a partner. After each clue, they should give their partner time to think of a suitable sentence.

5. Monitor the activity and help as needed.

6. These are other suggestions taken from the original file,

Rather than a mingle you could also use these cards in small groups, where one player takes a card, reads out the clues, and the group works together to think of possible sentences. This is less demanding on individuals but allows some students to let others take the lead instead of thinking of answers for themselves.

After either task students are asked to remember sentences which people said when they were guessing what was on their card and write them down. Feedback in pairs and then as a class, asking students to say which sentences they think were the best.

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