A mystery puzzle


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A critical thinking activity for students to solve a mystery

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students.

2. Students are going to work in groups of four.

3.  While one student is the secretary, the other three are detectives. Next, students walk around the classroom searching for clues. After the detectives find each clue, they memorize and report it to the secretary in English. When they return to the secretary, the secretary writes down the clue.

3. After the detectives collect all the clues, each group has to solve the puzzle worksheet.

4. These are the answers,

1.       The woman with the cat is 30 years old

2.       Edward is to the left of Bob

3.       The tallest man is 40 years old

4.       Sally likes music.

5.       Kumar is 55 years old

6.       Janet is next to the oldest man

7.       The youngest woman is 25 years old

8.       One of the men is 35 years old

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