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A feedback format for students to use

Sugerencia de uso

1. Print the format (Ctrl + P) and make copies for students.

2. Distribute the format and ask students to focus on the title, Peer Feedback Form

3. Discuss with students how effective and useful feedback from peers can be vs. the teacher’s.

4. Ask students to work in pairs and read the 7 questions which consider some points to evaluate someone’s performance on presenting monologues.

5. Ask students to think of three more questions to complete a list of 10.

6. Invite students to share their questions with the class and agree on the ones which would be better to complete the questionnaire.

7. Ask students to answer the 2 questions left from their personal experience. Again, this format is supposed to be used after a monologue has been presented but for practical purposes on getting familiar with the format, ask students to imagine one of those monologues they presented in this unit or any other oral presentation they gave and answer the questions from that experience.

8. Ask students to share their answers with the class.

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