How to prepare a monologue

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Oct. 25, 2020
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A guide for students to prepare a monologue

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to watch the video.

2. Brainstorm ideas with students about how to prepare a monologue.

3. Tell students to imagine this monologue is going to be acted out.

4. Play the video and make pauses for comments.

5. Ask students to take notes in their notebooks. There are 5 steps to this preparation. Here you have the notes of the video:

Step 1: Choose a monologue with a character that you connect with. Pick one that is two to three minutes long and engages the audience. Step 2: Define the character by writing down the character’s history, relationships, education, occupation, income, hobbies, and important moments in their life. Tip Improvise scenes from your character’s life moments with a partner. Step 3: Establish who you’re talking to in the scene. Picture a close friend or an imaginary person to give you the proper emotion. Tip Take the monologue out of the context of the play or film. Step 4: Figure out what you want from the person you’re talking to, known as "intention" or "goal." Break down the monologue into "beats," or actions that you will use toward attaining your goal. Step 5: Avoid starting slowly and know what your character was doing and feeling right before the monologue starts – the "moment before." Being prepared will erase nerves and make sure you make a good impression. Did You Know? Released in 1927, The Jazz Singer was the first feature-length Hollywood "talkie."

6. You may want to choose some of the monologues students have worked with in previous sessions for this unit (week 25) and work with the 5 steps mentioned here.

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