Champions league 2020-21

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An article for students to read about soccer predictions

Sugerencia de uso

1. For this activity, you can use the beam projector and show the article or print it directly from the page (Ctrl +P) and make copies for students.

2. Show the headline and ask students what they expect to find in the article (since this is a prediction…). Scroll down a there will be another question using ‘will’ for discussion.

3. Encourage students to participate even when they don’t like soccer or don’t know much about it. The practice here is working with predictions, forecasts, and identifying how they are expressed.

4. Guide students through the article(s) and ask questions for general understanding.

5. Take advantage of the students who are very familiar with soccer and know about the Champion’s League.

6. Ask students to work in pairs and write some sentences using ‘will’ and make predictions about this event.

7. Monitor and offer help as needed.

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