A weather satellite

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An activity for students to read about forecasts

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students. Print only the first page.

2. Distribute the article and draw students’ attention towards the headline and the date.

3. Talk about how long ago this article was published and what the forecast was.

4. Divide the article into two parts (first part from “The USA…” until  “ today’s HD televisions.”)

5. Read the article with students and make pauses for questions, and comments. Do not take extra time in presenting vocabulary.

6. Ask general questions for comprehension with WH_ words.

7. Drive students to notice ‘will’ and how it is used to present a prediction or forecast.

8. Ask students to underline the sentences that use ‘will’ and compare them to the current moment (the present moment).

9. Work with the True / False exercise and confirm answers and information by referring to the paragraphs and lines in the text where the information is mentioned.

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