Making requests and asking for permission


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An activity for students to practice expressions for accepting and refusing requests

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies of the first page for students. There are several pages in this file to be used in other sessions in this unit.

2. Tell students this exercise if for them to understand how these expressions about accepting or rejecting work in the context.

3. Distribute the worksheet and work with this vocabulary, “Do you mind if I / is it OK if I… / could you turn   / What’s the problem /  here you are/telling me   / thanks   (can I borrow    /go ahead”

4. Ask students to read the conversations below and fill in the gaps with the words and phrases from the lists.

5. Check answers with the class and ask students to role-play the conversations.

6. Discuss with the class where these people are.

7. Continue with the next exercise where students need to match the sentences (a-h) with the correct reactions (1-8).

8. Monitor and offer help s needed.

9. Ask students to check their answers in pairs and clarify any doubts and make corrections if needed.

10. Finally, act out four-line conversations for four of the situations below with the students.

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Comprende expresiones para aceptar o rechazar peticiones.

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