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A video for students to explore and listen to three different dialogues where requests are made

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the video.

2. Tell students they are going to listen to three different dialogs where people are requesting something.

3. Write on the board this chart and ask them to complete it with information from the dialogs

                      WHO              WHAT          Expressions

Dialog 1

Dialog 2

Dialog 3

4. Play the video and do not pause it. The dialogs come, first, with no text, for students to listen, and right after there is a review where the dialog is repeated with text to read along.

5. Ask students to work in pairs and compare their information.

6. Play the video and pause it after each dialog to check the answers with the class and confirm information.

7. Make special emphasis on the expression used to accept the request.

8- Ask students to role-play the dialogs in pairs.

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Escucha y explora intercambios de expresiones para aceptar o rechazar peticiones.

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