Riddles, guesses and descriptions

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An activity for students to work on job riddles

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the activity.

2. Write on the board “TEACHER” and ask students to describe your job using the pattern ‘YOU_______.

3. Challenge students to give you as many descriptive sentences as they can think of. Then, read the definition by saying, “I-----, I------, etc. I am a teacher.”

4. Project the activity and use the first page for students to work individually.

5. Students need to read the job descriptions and guess what job that is. Draw students’ attention towards the pictures around the boxes with the descriptions and this time, do not help with vocabulary.

6. Encourage students to use the clues in the description to guess what the job is.

7. Check answers with the class by reading some descriptions first, then have the students call out the job, and say the job, and have students read the descriptions.

8. Discuss with students what clues made them guess correctly.

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