King Arthur


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An activity for students to record key events in a classic tale

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1. Download the file and make copies for students. You can also project the image but since students are going to write an anecdote, it is better to do in on the same page.

2. Show the image and ask students to describe the man and who he is.  (King Arthur)

3. Ask students to discuss in groups of three what the story is about. In case they don’t know it, retell it yourself and make sure they get the main ideas.

4. You may also google the story and play it in the classroom in a short version for students to know it.

5. Ask groups to make a list of the characters, events, places, consequences. Encourage students to be creative.

6. Have students tell their “King Arthur” stories. Even if they wrote it in full sentences, encourage them not to read but try to tell the most natural way.

6. Discuss with the class how many different types of stories about the same story there were in the class.

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