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An activity for students to organize the events in a story

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students.

2.  Review with students what the three main parts of a story are (beginning-middle-end).

3. Distribute the worksheet and ask students to work individually.

4. Ask students to think of one of the tales, stories, or fables they know in English, or you can suggest one as well.

5. Ask students to write in the given space events of the story that correspond to the three main divisions. Suggest students they can write short phrases, not necessarily full sentences, some notes.

6. Invite students to find someone who wrote about the same story and get together in groups of three. If the whole class is working with the same story, just ask students to get in small groups and read their beginning-middle-ending information to compare.

7. If there are students who chose stories nobody else did start with them by asking them to read what they wrote and have the class help and give opinions.

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Comprende el sentido general y las ideas principales de cuentos clásicos.

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