"Hansel and Gretel"


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A reading comprehension activity for students to review a classic tale

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students and distribute them to work individually.

2. Draw students’ attention towards the picture of the princess and ask them who that is, ‘HANSEL AND GRETEL’.

3. Ask students if they ever read the story and what they think about it.

4. Ask students to give you three different events in the story. They do not need to be in a specific order so other students who didn’t read the story can have some information about it.

5. Distribute the worksheet and ask students to work in groups of three.

6. Ask students to read the 8 boxes with information about the tale and sequence them 1-8.

7. Monitor and help as needed with vocabulary.

8. Check answers by asking students at random to give you their numbers 1-8. If there are inconsistencies, tell the class to just listen because you will give the right answers later.

9. Confirm the sequence 1-8 and ask students to make corrections if necessary, then, ask them to read the story aloud in their groups following that order.

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