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An activity to review some of the classic tales

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector. You can download the file if you register.

2. Draw students’ attention towards the six characters on top of the page and ask them to name them.

3. You may ask students to match the character to the title of the story in the exercise.

4. Ask students to complete the stories with the words in the box by writing the answers in their notebooks.

5. Check answers by asking students to read the complete paragraphs while the rest of the class listen and correct if necessary.

6. Now, ask students to copy the paragraphs in their notebooks.

7. Review regular and irregular verbs and then complete the exercises on the same page.

8. Choose a title from the exercise and ask students to retell the story. Encourage them not to read everything but to try to produce more original language.

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