How to introduce an anecdote

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Oct. 5, 2020
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An activity for students to learn some steps in introducing an anecdote

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the document.

2. Tell students they are going to learn some tips on how to introduce an anecdote.

3. Suggest students to draw a visual organizer to record the information. You may suggest some as well.

4. Point at the question in the document and ask your students to answer them, How many stories could you tell people about what’s happened to you over the years? Hundreds? Thousands?

5. Discuss with students their ideas about how to introduce anecdotes and then, ask somebody to read the paragraph in the text.

6. Make sure students are recording information in their visual organizers and the definition of anecdote is important, the the ‘HOW’.

7. Go over the list of phrases to introduce the anecdote, read them, and discuss them with students.

8. Tell students to copy them and use them in a couple of sentences.

9. Continue with the next part, “SETTING THE CONTEXT” and explain what that means.

10. Discuss the phrases with students and ask them to choose two they would like to incorporate into their vocabulary.

11. Invite students to show their visual organizers to other students and talk about them.

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