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An activity for students to propose stories based on pictures

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the picture to students.

2. Ask students to describe the picture.

3. Ask students what the story behind it could be and discuss it in pairs.

4. Invite students to share their ideas and possible situations and check how many different ones could be.

5. Write on the board, WHO / WHAT / WHEN / WHERE / WHY / HOW.

6. Ask students to work in small groups and write what really happened based on the clues (WH_words). 

7. Monitor and encourage students to be as creative and feel free to ask any questions they may have in terms of grammar and vocabulary.

8. Ask students to come to the front and read their stories. Then, ask them how many paragraphs they wrote and ask the class if they think the story had a sequence.

9. Help with suggestions and congratulate everybody on their effort.

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