"The treasure map"


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A story for students to listen to / read from a picture

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the story.

2. Project the picture in this MED ( a  bottle in the ocean) and wait for reactions. Do not tell them what the title of the story is yet.

3. Encourage students to give as many ideas as they can and tell them they are going to listen to the story and then, the whole class will confirm such ideas.

4. Show first the title and ask students to make a connection between the picture they saw first and the title now. Register. some of those ideas on the board and ask students to talk about what think the story is about in pairs.

5. Play the video and consider making several pauses since it is long, it takes about 7 minutes. The video shows the narration as well so take advantage of that 

6. Ask questions and/comments about the parts of the story and help with grammar and vocabulary if needed.

7. When the video finishes, discuss with students their assumptions about the first picture, the title, and the actual story.

8. Invite students to tell you how much they like it. Remind them they need to listen to other stories along with the unit so they can exploit some of their skills and abilities in English.

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