"She’ll be coming round the mountain."


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A catchy song for students to sing and practice

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to play the video of the song. Download the activities in the same file as well. 

2. Show the video but pause it for students to identify the title and the main character (a cowgirl).

3. The video doesn't show the lyrics on the scene, however, it is recommended that you print the lyrics that come in the same file.

4.Distribute the transcript and ask students to read it. Help with vocabulary as needed and choose different students at random to read the stanzas.

5. Ask students to find the chorus.

6. Practice the chorus by reading it for students and then ask them to repeat it. Help with pronunciation.

7. You may also read the song for them or with them but do not take extra time working with vocabulary or giving long explanations. The objective of the activity is for students to sing along and enjoy a good song.

8. Play the song again and ask students to sing it using the lyrics you handed.

9. Tell students they can do the dance moves in the video and sing the chorus very loud.

10. Distribute the first page of activities and ask students to identify the vocabulary and continue working with the correct order of the sentences.

11. When they are finished, ask students to read the sentences aloud, to sing them, and clap to them.

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