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A catchy song for students to sing and express their feelings

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to play the video of the song.

2. Show the video but pause it for students to identify the characters  (Minions ) and talk about the movie.

3. The video shows the lyrics so invite students to sing along.

4. Play the video and wait for reactions. The music is so catchy that students will show a reaction will try to follow the words.

5. Ask students what the title of the song is and the chorus.

6. Practice the chorus and help with pronunciation.

7. You may want to write the chorus and ask students to read it. Help with pronunciation.

8. Play the song again and ask students to sing and sing the chorus louder.

9. Tell students they can do the dance moves in the video.

10. Ask students how the song makes them feel. Happy? 

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