"Going Green" song


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A song about how to take care of the Earth and identify verses and stanzas

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the song "Going Green" and ask students what they think it is about.

2. Help with extending those ideas and mention that  "Going Gren" is a common expression to say that you are into recycling and helping the planet, that you want the planet to be as green as possible again by reusing and recycling.

3. Play the song and invite students to sing the chorus and clap to the rhythm of it.

4. Ask comprehension questions and invite students to write down the lyrics in their notebooks so they can write one more stanza to it.

5. Play the song again and invite students to join in singing.

6. Ask students to read their stanzas and ask the class to make comments on them.

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