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An activity for students to practice making complaints

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1. This could be the second part of the activity about a backpack. In the previous session, students wrote a dialog between the customer and the shop assistant about returning a backpack.

2. Ask students to work in pairs and practice orally the expressions to use in making a complaint about some products.

3. Ask students they are going to think of a possible problem with the backpack, then, Student A starts by saying "I want to return this backpack because is stained" and Student B " Says the same sentence but only changing the problem.

4. Then they continue to practice different ways of talking about the problem, A-B, A-B, and continue with,A:  " Can you help me", B:Could you help me...? ,  etc. until they have reviewed as many different expression to talk about complaints.

5. Let the pairs decide what sentences to use to develop the complaint but always taking turns.


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