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An activity for students to practice agreeing and disagreeing with positive and negative statements

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students.

2. Draw the students' attention to the box at the bottom of the worksheet.

3. Go through how to agree and disagree with positive and negative statements using the examples on the worksheet.

4. Tell the students to complete the statements on their worksheet with information that is true for them.

5. When the students have completed their sentences, ask them to pair up with another student.

6. The first student begins by reading statement number one to their partner.

7. Their partner reacts by agreeing or disagreeing with the statement, paying attention to whether the statement is positive or negative.

The first student then continues to read each statement in turn and their partner agrees or disagrees.


A: Last weekend, I went to the park.

B: Really? So did I.

A: My favorite kind of music is hip hop.

B: Mine isn't.

When they have finished, the students swap roles.

8. When everyone has finished, have the pairs report back to the class on their areas of agreement.

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