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A grammar worksheet for students to review coordinating conjunctions to use when talking about vacation proposals

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students.

2. Review with students what a conjunction is and what we use it for.

3. Distribute the worksheet and discuss with students how important it is to use them correctly when connecting ideas and comparing the pros and cons of a proposal, like a vacation.

4. Ask students to answer the questions individually and help as needed.

5. Divide the class into two groups A and B and ask A to give the answers for 1-8 for the other group to listen and check. If there were any problems, clarify doubts and ask B to answer 9-16.

6. Ask students how many of these conjunctions they use in their speech or when they write homework.

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Compara pros y contras de ideas y propuestas.

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