A cycling vacation


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A picture for students to work on the pros and cons of taking a family vacation cycling

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use a beam projector to show picture.

2. Ask students how popular these trips are in Mexico.

3. Ask students to read and  project the information from the same page:

Touring refers to long-distance riding. It may incorporate cyclists on their way to work who have to pedal more than the usual 20-30 minute commute, or those on day trips, overnight trips, or even week or month-long journeys who need to be self-sufficient and carry gear with them. This may be a type of riding you have never considered and it can really be quite easy. If you’re camping you might need a bit of gear and side panniers, otherwise, all you really need is a credit card to get food and accommodation along the way. You could consider exploring wine regions, visiting remote wilderness areas, joining a charity/endurance ride, or even jetting off to far-flung realms with a bike. For these longer journeys, a touring or expedition bicycle is usually required.

4. Ask students to make a list of the pros and cons of this proposal.

5. Invite pairs to share their lists with the class.

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Compara pros y contras de ideas y propuestas.

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