Using intermediate directions

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | 27 de Septiembre de 2020
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A worksheet for students to practice using intermediate directions (four cardinal points) reading a map

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students.

2. Explain students that intermediate directions are halfway between the four cardinal points (N,S,E,W) and are also part of the vocabulary need to give directions when looking for a place.

3. Do the first part of the activity with students and make sure they identify (NW, SW, NE, SE).

4. Ask students to look at “Acorn Park” and read the different places in that area. Then, ask them to complete the sentences using the corresponding intermediate directions.

5. Monitor and offer help s needed.

6. Invite students to check their answers with other classmates by reading their answers to each other and helping the ones who got some wrong answers.

7. Ask some questions about the map, i.e.,  “Where’s the soccer field?, Where’s the picnic area? etc.”

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Describe el entorno inmediato como punto de referencia para desplazarse.

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