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A worksheet for students to practice grammar and listening comprehension with a song

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the video. This is the second part of the activity (the first part was done in the previous session).

2. Review the animals and parts of the house (section one in the worksheet)

3. Play the song and ask students to sing and try to remember which animals are where… and answer exercise 2.

4. Offer help as needed and invite students to check their answers with another classmate.

5. Confirm answers and if necessary play the song again for students to read the lyrics.

6. Continue with exercise 3 by reading aloud the sentences and getting the answer T or F from students.

7. As for the last exercise, ask students to imagine there are some animals in their house, ask, “Where are they? Is there a cat in their cupboard or a tarantula on the table?” and Invite students to draw pictures and write!

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