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A video for students to review reported speech and how it is formed

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use a beam projector to show the video clip.

2. Tell students the principal of the school told you something about them and elicit from students questions to find out. Then, make up any kind of answer using reported speech.

3. Ask students to take notes about the reported speech from the video so consider making several pauses. The information students are going to get from the video is: verbs (say, tell, ask), changing the tense of the original sentence, the pronoun, and the time expressions.

5. Tell students they are going to see superheroes interacting so they need to pay attention to what they say, ask, and tell each other.

6. Play the video again without sound and ask pairs of students to read the sentences in the speech bubbles said by the superheroes and villains while the other student read the reported speech sentences.

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