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A video for students to learn what quotation marks are and when they are used in different contexts

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use a beam projector to show the video clip.

2. Write on the board   “ ______” and ask students where they remember they’ve seen them.

3.Tell the class they are going to learn how and when to use them since there may be an occasion where they need to report in writing what someone else said, for example.

4. Play the video and ask students to take notes and write down the examples in their notebooks.

5. Make pauses as necessary and clear any doubts students may have.

6. After the video, ask students to work in pairs and put their notes together to draw the information in a visual organizer.

7. Monitor the activity and help with grammar or vocabulary as needed.

8. Invite volunteers to write on the board their visual organizers with the information and examples about quotation marks.

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