Cupid’s dating agency (A)

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Ago. 17, 2020
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An activity for students to practice writing profiles of people’s like and dislikes

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students. The instructions come in the same file as well.

2. Divide the students into pairs and talk about the concept of a dating agency.

3. Give half the pairs a set of six male cards and the other half a set of six female cards.

4. Tell the students to look at the pictures on the cards and fill in each profile with information about that person's likes and dislikes.

5. When the students have finished, each pair joins up with another pair that has an opposite set of cards, so one pair should have

male cards and the other should have female cards.

6. Explain that the students run a dating agency called Cupid's and their task is to match the clients on the cards together for a date,

according to their preferences.

7. The pairs then take it in turns to read out each profile to the other pair and discuss the profiles and match the people together,

according to their likes and dislikes.

8. Students should try to pair up all the men and women if possible and think of reasons for their choices.

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