Descriptions with BE and HAVE (2)


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A worksheet for students to practice writing descriptions using BE, HAVE, WEAR

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and make copies for students. This is the second part of the activity that started in the previous session. The worksheets have been divided into two parts.

2. Use the last worksheet used in the previous session (WEAR) and ask students to finish it by describing F in pairs.

3. Have some volunteers share their descriptions with the class.

4. Distribute now page 3 for students to complete exercise G with the correct verbs. They can work with the same classmates, in pairs.

5. Check answers.

6. If time allows, ask students to work with I, describing themselves, and read their paragraph to their partners. What do they think of the description, is accurate or not?

7. You may give them the last page of the file for homework and check it, next class.

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