A story: May I borrow___?

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | 31 de Julio de 2020
Primaria > 2do período escolar (6 a 9 años) > Inglés
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A template for students to draw and write a mini dialogue

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and print the first template. This file has 10 different templates to choose from and the first one is the one recommended for this activity. The others are going to be used in other activities in this unit.

2. Tell students they’re going to draw a story, Luis is going to have a B-day party and there are some things he needs and some others he wants.  Luis is talking  to his mother about it and students need to write the mini-dialog between them.

3. Review useful expressions from their notes and/or textbook if necessary.

4. Suggest students they can draw stick figures.

5. Finally, invite students to exchange their stories with other classmates and read them.

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