Needs and Wants are different.

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A worksheet for students to discuss what their needs are wants are by classifying them

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1. Go to the webpage and C+P to make copies for students. If you want to download the file, you must register first and then get authorizations to do so.

2. Tell students that this list includes some categories for adults, like their parents but it is good practice to use many different circumstances to actually think what the NEEDS are. In that, case ask them to ‘put themselves into their parents' shoes and check those NEEDS.

3. Distribute the worksheet and help students with vocabulary. Then, ask them to compare their answers in pairs.

4. Continue with the second section and ask students to prioritize these WANTS individually. Help with vocabulary and give an example if necessary to illustrate.

5. Invite students to get in groups of 3 and talk about their lists 1-10. How similar those 1-10 were?

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