A TV series: Game of Thrones: part 1


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A video for students to interpret general sense and details in TV genres examples

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use a beam projector to show the video clip.

2. Ask students if they ever watch TV series, why/ why not? If they say ‘yes’, ask them which one.

3. Ask student if they know what we’re talking about when you say ‘Game of Thrones’.

4. Tell students they are going to work with a clip from one of the episodes and learn about how the scene was prepared.

5. Do the ‘Preparation’ exercise and invite students to match the words with their definitions. You can either ask for 8 volunteers tome to the front and answer one question each or have some volunteers tell you the answers from their seats.

6. Play the video and make pauses for students to ask questions, clarify meaning, or ask for help with comprehension. You may want to show the transcript for students to follow the interview.

7. Decide if you want to play the video a second time and ask some questions for general comprehension.

8. Ask students to work in pairs and write down 4 questions they would like to ask the director and the stunts in the episode.

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Interpreta sentido general y algunos detalles.

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