News: The Titanic sunk (part 1)

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Julio 23, 2020
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A piece of news from an authentic source for students to read

Sugerencia de uso

1. Enter the link and print (C + P) the  first page of this piece of news. The second page can be saved for the next session.

2. Ask students what comes to their mind when you say the word “Titanic” and what happened.

3. Distribute the reading and draw students’ attention towards the picture and the line written thee.

4. Ask students what kind of information that line is giving (“The Titanic sank in 1912, with over 1,500 people losing their lives.”) > What / When / How many

5. Tell students they are going to identify the LEAD ( the most important information, answers questions what, where, when how) and the BODY  (supporting information) on this page by answering these questions,

a)      Where did the Titanic start her trip?

b)      What day of the week the Titanic start her trip?

c)       Why did the Titanic sink?

d)      What was so impressive about the Titanic?

e)      How many people died?

f)        How did the crew of the Titanic communicate with

g)       What time did the Titanic sink?

h)      How many people were saved?

6. Before students start reading, you may want to work on vocabulary by asking students to underline the words they consider are absolutely impossible for them to guess. However, do not take much time of the session to explain vocabulary only.

7. You may also paraphrase the paragraphs for them and give them time to look for their answers.

8. Monitor and offer help with grammar, the past simple particularly.

9. Ask students to work in groups of three and compare and read their answers.


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