News: A wreckage in Indonesia (part 1)

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Julio 23, 2020
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A piece of news from an authentic source for students to read

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use a beam projector to show the news and/or print the piece of news.

2. Show the headline and ask students to identify what happened. Suggest they look for the verb and use the picture.

3. Tell students ‘Lion Air’ is an airline in Indonesia so wait for reactions.

4.  Read the first paragraph aloud and ask students to underline key words that respond to WHAT, WHERE, WHEN. The information may not be in that order so guide students in the paragraph.

5. Check answers and discuss with students what happened.

6. There are 12 paragraphs, ask students to number them 1-12. In this session they will work with the first 6 paragraphs.

7. Write on the board or dictate the following questions and ask students to answer them

a)      What happened to flight JT 610?

b)      When did the plane crash?

c)       Did they find the plane?

d)      Where did the plane plunge into the water?

e)      What caused the plane go down?

f)        How many people were on board?

8. Monitor the activity and offer help as needed.

9. Invite students to work in groups of three and read their answers for confirmation.

10. Have some volunteers point at the picture and use the answers to the questions (not the questions) to say what happened.

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