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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Julio 17, 2020
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A listening exercise for students to listen to the news and explore them

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use a beam projector to show the news and have a set of speakers ready as well.

2. Tell students they are going to listen to a  news and explore it with you in terms of comprehension, vocabulary and structure.

3. Ask students what kind of information they expect to get from the news report (what, who, where, when, etc.)

4. Show the title and tell students to complete, they are going to listen to a news report about a ___________.  Encourage students to guess and wait for answers. You may help with some words.

5. Ask students if they like have seen on TV UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) what it is and what the fighters (male and female) look like.

6. Pre- teach the vocabulary suggested by the author of the activity (that is shown on the same page right before the audio). It is suggested that you read the script first (included with this exercise) and check the vocabulary. There may be some other words you consider should be pre-teach as well so you can include them. Up to ten words is a good number, however, if there are more words they don’t know, encourage students to get them from the context.

1.       beat up: to use physical force to hurt someone

2.       mugger: robber; a person who steals or tries to steal money or property from someone

3.       claim: to state that something is true

4.       hand over: to give someone something

5.       choke hold: a grip that prevents a person from getting up or away

6.       turn out: to become known or discovered after some time

7.  Play the news report but do not scroll down since the text is shown right there and encourage them to listen carefully.

8. Get reactions from students.  Play it once again and make pauses, you can paraphrase, as a training stage, and help them understand what happened.

9. Show the text and invite five volunteers to fill in the blanks with the right information. There are 5 sentences to be completed. You may play the audio again and have students get the vocabulary and complete it. Once it is complete, play the audio once again so students can listen and read the news and confirm.

10. Invite some volunteers to say what happened using their own words.

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