Bizarre food in Bali

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Julio 6, 2020
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An animated video for students to learn cultural habits and practice modals, such as ‘might’

Sugerencia de uso

1.  Use a beam projector to show the  video.

2. Ask students if they have visited another country (which one ,when, where) and tried the local food. If they haven’t review briefly, each country has their own food which has to be respected as part of their culture.

3. Ask students what dishes they have heard of kind of unusual for them.

4. Tell students they are going to watch a video and learn about food in Bali. Talk  about that country and  where  it is located.

5. Play the video and tell students the accent they will hear is British, another big opportunity for them to work with culture.

6. There are subtitles in the video, decide where to make pauses and comment. It is recommended that you pause the video for students to also guess the type of food this lady is showing.

7. Ask students what they think of that type of food.

8. Go over the grammar: uses of may, might and could right after the video and decide which other exercises you can do with your students.

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