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A word search activity for students to review how internal combustion engines work.

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the interactive activity or download it and make copies for students.

2.  Project the word search and draw students’ attention to the list of words to the left of the page.

3. This list is way longer than the one they have been working with in their textbooks. Do not take longer explaining meanings and translating. Tell students to find the words first and then you can talk about the meaning.

4. Invite students to start with the words they are familiar with first and then do the other words.

5. Ask for volunteers to come to the front and do one word, then another student and go on like this until most of the words have been fpund.

6. If you decide to print the activity and make copies, set a time limit and check answers with the class.

7. Finally, ask students how many of those words they have actually learned and used in describing how this engine works.

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