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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Junio 10, 2020
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An interesting article for students to learn note-taking tips.

Sugerencia de uso

1.  Use the beam projector to show the article. Have speakers ready for students to listen to the article. (There’s a ‘play’ button above the article in case you want to practice reading and listening at the same time.)

2. Tell students that note-taking is a skill that can help them do well on all their schoolwork so in this session they will learn how to take effective notes not only in English but in the other courses as well.

3. Ask students to tell you 3 personal tips on note-taking they use and compare them to other students’.

4. Show the article and ask students to ‘take notes’, not to copy, on note-taking.

5. Mention that they can use bullets for the 5 tips mentioned in the article.

6. If available, use the speakers and play the article. Otherwise, show the article, scroll down and read with students making sure you comment and/or paraphrase the information.

7. Finally, ask students to form groups of three and compare and contrast notes so everybody shares the same information.

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