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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Mayo 27, 2020
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An informative video about environmental emergencies for students to learn what to do in case if an emergency.

Sugerencia de uso

1.Use the beam projector to show the video.

2. Ask students what kind of emergencies they have had.

3. Tell students they are going to learn about environmental emergencies with this video.

4. Ask students to take notes they consider important such as , what environmental emergencies are and what to do in case they need help and how they can help others.

5. Divide the video intro three or four parts and make pauses to comment on each situation.

6. Ask students if we have those environmental situations here in Mexico and what they would do in case of one of them.

7. Finally, invite students to work in pairs and share and discuss the information on environmental emergencies.

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