How to use a dictionary

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | Mayo 27, 2020
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An article for students to read about how to use a dictionary.

Sugerencia de uso

1. Use the beam projector to show the article.

2. Tell students the article is divided into sections and you will focus on ‘using your dictionary further’

3. If you consider it necessary to review the use of dictionaries, you may work with the other sections of the article.

4. Show section 3 and discuss with students the information and recommendations given.

5. If they have their dictionaries in class, try one of the games in the heading “ 3 Have fun”.

6. Each player chooses a word that should be familiar to the other players, then reads out the dictionary definition. The other players compete to guess the word as quickly as possible - perhaps even shouting out while the definition is still being read.

7. Finally, have students share their opinions on the other different uses of a dictionary.

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DIANA SANCHEZ Mayo 27, 2020

como herramienta de informacion, y descripcion del uso del diccionario


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