A fantasy story: Seasons of Glass and Iron III

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Sugerido por Silvia Raya | 16 de Abril de 2020
Secundaria > 4to período escolar (12 a 15 años) > Inglés
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Aplicación Ejercicios, práctica

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A fantasy story from a very popular magazine of science fiction and fantasy among teenagers for students to work with on main ideas and details

Sugerencia de uso

1.  Use a beam projector to show  the first part of the story

2. Tell students that this is the third practice with the story so review what they know and remember about it.

3. In the previous session, students predicted content so invite them to do the same with this activity.

4. Ask them to work in groups of 3 for them to draw a poster of the story.

5. Tell them they need to think of the lettering for the title of the story, color, size, etc

6. Invite students to draw the story in four panels using real information from the text and some information using their creativity.

7. Finally, invite students to show their posters to the class.

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