Goldilocks and the Three Bears


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PDF file of Goldielocks and the Three Bears story presented like a comic strip with captions in every scene.

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download the file and print a photocopy of the complete story for each student. The complete story is 5 pages long.

2. Before giving students their photocopies, write the title of the story on the board and ask them if they know it. 

3. Give students a chance to tell you what the story is about, who are the characters, etc. 

4. Give away the photocopies to each student and before starting with the lesson, let them look at all the images and ask them to color the pictures. Give them a reasonable amount of time for this. 

5. Once students finish coloring, read the story together and have students point out the words they hear. 

6. You can also encourage students to complete the phrases by letting them read the words they are familiar with. 

7. Finally, encourage students to use their imagination and make up the ending of the story. 

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