What is Needed to Live and Grow

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Sugerido por Veronica Prieto | Abril 7, 2020
Primaria > 2do período escolar (6 a 9 años) > Inglés
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Worksheeet for students to write their ideas about what living things need to live and grow.

Sugerencia de uso

1. Download and print a photocopy of the file for each student.

2. Say the name of an animal or another living thing and have students tell you 3 things it needs to live and grow. Help with vocabulary and write it on the board

3. Give the photocopies away to students and read the title out loud. 

4. Ask volunteers to describe and name the illustrations they see.

5. Have other volunteers read the statements and do all the activity orally. 

6. Finally, ask students to do the activity by themselves. 

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