What’s the difference? ‘Will’ and ‘be going to’


Sugerido por Denise Salazar | Marzo 12, 2016
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Online lesson explaining the differences between "will" and "going to" includes its uses in the future tense and some examples.

Sugerencia de uso

1. Show students the website with the lesson on the board so everyone can see clearly. 

2. Focus students' attention on the chart and have volunteers read the contents of the table aloud. 

3. clarify any possible doubts as students read the uses of both future forms and have them give you some extra examples. 

4. Continue reading the following sections and once they finish, ask students to form small teams. 

5. Give students enough time to write at least 5 examples of each use of "will" and "going to" in their notebooks and once they finish, have them exchange their work with another team to check and correct their work. 

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