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Sugerido por Denise Salazar | Marzo 10, 2016
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Online exercise for students to practice punctuation.

Sugerencia de uso

1. Project the exercise on the board using the projector for students to see clearly.

2. Choose the "No timer" option for students to be able to copy the exercise in their notebooks.

3. Read the instructions aloud and make sure students understand what to do.

4. Give students time to read the letter and have them copy it in their notebooks.

5. Ask students to work in pairs or trios to solve the exercise and once they finish, have some volunteers tell their answers aloud. 

6. Write the answers on the screen and review the activity as a group.

If you are working offline, you can print the included PowerPoint presentation and distribute it between the SS in order they can solve the excercise. After they finish their individual work, you can project the two final slides containing answers of the exercise.

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Producir textos para participar en eventos académicos
Producir textos para participar en eventos académicos

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